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If your roof is discoloured or showing other signs of ageing, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace it. There are ways to repair and restore your roof that are just as effective and much more economical. At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, we help homeowners in the Sydney area extend the lifespan of their roofs through our innovative roof restoration services. Our primary focus is to repair your roof with our best expertise. If restoring roofs is the only solution for your roofs then we process for restoration after your confirmation.We try our level best to save your hard earned money. We provide quality work at a reasonable price.We took complete guaranty of our services. It gives a new look and contrast to your home just like new one.

We maintain high quality standards in providing specialist roof restoration, roof painting, roof repairs and roof cleaning.

Has your roof seen better days? Does your roof look in bad shape? Does your roof leak?

If your roof is in need of some work, there maybe be a better alternative than roof repairs or roof replacement which can preserve the life of your roof without the expense of a full roof replacement.

One option which gives you the benefits of not only a roof that’s safe and weather-proof, but will also make your roof look fantastic, is a roof restoration.

You must be thinking what is roof restoration and why it is important for your home ?

Roof Restoration is the process of cleaning, repairing and re-coating a roof. Roof restoration is beneficial for just about all types of roofs including Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvanised iron, Decromastic, Terracotta tile and of course Concrete tile.

Our Roof Restoration Procedure for a Complete Tile Roof Solution

Replace all damaged tiles and ridge capping.

Inspect and restore all flashing (if necessary).

Locate and repair any reported leaking.

Remove any surrounding objects from the work area to prevent damage i.e. cars, outdoor furniture

Water blast cleaning to remove all dirt, moss and lichen from the roof.

Rinse downpipes, gutters and paths of any debris and grime.

Re-bed if needed and re-point all ridge capping with flexible pointing compound.

Seal roof with roof sealer/primer.

Spray roof with 2 coats of roofing membrane of your chosen colour.

Cleanup work area and remove any waste.

Available on request, 6 spare tiles and 2 liters of membrane are left for future use.

So what are you waiting for? We are trusted roof restoration contractors in Sydney. Why don’t you call our professional experts at your doorsteps for roof restoration. We have years of experience in this field. Feel free to call us at 1300796024. We took complete guarantee of our work.

Tile Roof Restoration

Concrete roofing tiles require periodic maintenance and will also require specialized coatings throughout their lifetime. Over time they can gradually lose their luster and become porous. The best way to overcome this is to have a complete roof restoration. This will keep the roof looking brand new without any problems.

If your tiled roof requires roof repairs, re-bedding or re-pointing of the ridge capping, the experts at Sydney Roofing and Gutters can fulfill all your roof restoration needs.

Metal Roof Restoration

Restoration of a metal roof is a complex process and requires cleaning, repairing and re-coating.  A metal roof such as Colorbond, corrugated iron and trim deck can be installed or restored. It is the most demanding roof restoration in Australia. Builders are using colorbond metal roofs to install on newly contracted buildings. It comes in various patterns and color options that match your color theme. It is being manufactured by considering Australia’s weather condition. 

Our Metal Roof Restoration Process

Treat any rust and corrosion areas, by applying a Rust convertor

Replace any Sheeting where rust is beyond repair

Replace any Loose or rusty nails or screws

Pressure clean the roof and cleanup any mess

Apply a metal primer, such as a Zinc Phosphate primer coat

Apply 2 topcoats of a god roof membrane in your choice of colour


Helps to make your home completely weatherproof.

Makes your home more secure in high winds.

Drastically improves the look, street appeal and value of your home.

Safe collection of drinking water from your roof to tank.

Roof membrane provides ultimate protection, durability, colour retention and weatherproofing.

Advanced technology is used to manufacture it. You need not to install any cooling or heating systems at your home after installing. It keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

You will surely save your hard earned money by upto 50% that every homeowner wants.

Why do you need a roof restoration?

Your roof takes up as much as 50% of your homes exterior and is completely open to the elements. Due to changing weather your roof is put through strenuous circumstances on a daily basis and overtime this will have a toll on your roofs ability to keep the elements out. Having your roof restored by Sydney Roofing and Gutters will get your roof back up to standard, keeping the elements out and leaving you with peace of mind. 

Roof Restoration Costs

Roof Restoration costs and prices depend upon the type of work your roof needs. We will assess the situation of your roof and give you a genuine quote. Our prices are fixed with no hidden charges or surprises. We offer very competitive rates with the best quality.

We will try to save your money as much as we can.

For your convenience we don’t charge for a quote. We provide 100% free quotes over the phone or come visit your property. Don’t hesitate to get free quotes by calling us at 1300796024 or you can simply fill out the quote form mentioned below. We will get back to you shortly. 

How do I know if my roof might benefit from a roof restoration?

 Sydney Roofing and Gutter’s Roof Restoration has been applying quality roof coats and restoration work to Sydney roofs for many years. Over this time, we have accumulated considerable knowledge of materials, latest technologies and new products used for roof coating applications. As one of Sydney’s most experienced roof coaters, we are well placed to provide the best possible roof coat and restoration for your home or commercial building.   

Sydney Roofing and Gutters strive for perfection and the end result will have your roof looking like it was installed yesterday.

No one can match our expert, honest advice and experience

We’re experts having many years of experience in all types of roofing we know the best options for your home

We don’t do patch jobs and quick fixes.

Our roof inspection covers it all from identifying loose, broken tiles & gutters, moss, lichen and water damage, damaged flashing, valley & ridges, pointing/bedding and broken/damaged tiles to repair

We get it done on time, on budget, with no fuss

We fix the underlying problems and future proof your roof.

We leave your property in immaculate condition

We guarantee a perfect job

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a quote cost? 

Quote is absolutely 100% free, contact us on 1300796024 for a free quote. Will give you a quote on the phone or come visit your property. You can also fill a quote form below to get a call from our end. We will get back to you shortly. We don’t have any hidden or surprise chargers well.

Where are you guys located? 

We are located in Sydney, New South Wales and operate in every suburb in Sydney. Distance doesn’t affect our passion. We are always ready to serve you. No matter the size of the work. We also provide emergency services related to guttering and roofing work. We are just a call away.

Do you do guttering work? 

Still have some query? We request you to please call us at 1300796024 or fill our contact form. We will surely call you back very shortly. Our experts will be glad to assist you over call or come visit your property.

We do provide emergency services. We are available 24/7 to help you in your need. 

What type of roofing work do you do? 

We do all types of roofing work, from metal roofing, to roof restoration, gutter installation, gutter cleaning, re-roofs, colorbond roofing, and many more. We do install, repair and maintenance. Whatever the work you think of regarding roofing work we are ready to serve.

Do you do metal roofs? 

Yes, We specialise in metal re-roofs. It’s a popular thing now, looks nice and longer lasting. Metal roofing contractors Sydney and builders in Australia will recommend installing metal roofs. It is cheaper and keeps your residential area cool. It saves your money by upto 50%. We have professionals install new metal roofs at your property.

 Downpipes Installed and Repaired

Do not panic, We are here for you.

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We have the experience backed by our qualified tradesman to work in a safe manner on any Residential project.

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Why Choose Sydney Roofing & Gutters?

We treat every job with dedication to deliver the best results possible

We always perform our task with utmost professional approach

We always try to limit the disruptions while work is in progress & treat your home with the utmost respect


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