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Great Swimming Pool Fences in Sydney

ASC Welding is a Sydney based company having a vast experience when it comes to swimming pool fencing. We have supply, built and installed pool fences for commercial and residential projects. We are the top supplier of swimming pool fencing in Sydney.

ASC Welding has a great team of workers who are highly skilled and trained in handling all types of pool fences. They can install anything from Aluminium to a Glass fence.

We offer a high quality guaranteed work that will last a life time. You don’t need to call us again and again because our team will get the job done perfectly the first time.

We have built a great list of customers because of the many years we have put in the pool fencing industry. We provide pool fencing services to all of Sydney.

Our customers trust us in every way possible and we never break their trust. We always are fully committed and work according to the exact requirements. You can rely on us for your next pool fencing work.

Why is a Pool Fence so Important?


Safety and Security for Your Children

Every year there are so many cases of children drowning in swimming pools. This loss can be avoided simply by installing a fence and gate around your pool. A simple fence and gate installation can help keep your children safe and you don’t need to keep an eye on them all the time.

Gives Your House and Pool a Beautiful Look

A pool fence can improve the overall value and beauty of your house. We have so many pool fence options and designs you can choose from to give your pool the fence you want.

Pool Fencing Regulations NSW

NSW pool fencing regulations states that every home in Sydney should have a fence around their pool. Don’t worry about it if you are planning to get a new pool. Our team can handle the job perfectly and install a pool fence that will enhance the overall looks of your new pool.

Types of Pool Fencing


Aluminium Pool Fencing

ASC Welding has a good variety of Aluminium Pool Fencing. Aluminium Pool fences come in different styles and colors. Aluminium pool fences are very much in demand because they are:

  • Rust Resistant
  • Durablilty
  • Affordable as compared to other materials
  • Last a Lifetime
  • Simple and easily maintained
  • Light weight

Affordable Price, easy to maintain and install are some of the benefits you get with a Aluminium Pool fence. Aluminium pool fence is very low in price, when compared to a glass pool fence. Aluminium  fence doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly as you would have to clean your glass pool fence. 

It is still a good looking option to secure your pool. Aluminium pool fencing is fabricated mostly in the workshop and is delivered ready to be installed. It is mostly installed by posts in the ground. The fence can be powder coated according to the color that you require and which matches your architecture. There are more than 80 colors that you can choose from.



Glass Pool Fencing

A glass pool fence looks very beautiful and modern. Glass pool fence can be installed in a frameless or semi frameless design. A glass pool fence is a great way to protect your loved ones without compromising on the view.

The fences look very simple but modern at the same time.

  • Pool Glass is very durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not block your view
  • Adds a contemporary touch to your pool
  • Easy to clean

Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Everyone loves a frameless glass pool fence. It gives a great modern look and without the frame it is futuristic. We manufacture our products according to the Australian standards. We use a very strong glass with high quality parts to hold the glass in place.

Frameless glass pool fence is a great option because it does not block the views on both sides. ASC Welding has all the pool fencing options for Sydney homes. Our work will become a great feature of your house.

Frameless glass pool fencing is a good solution which makes your outdoor pool area safe and beautiful.

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Semi Frameless pool fence is also one of the best options around. It gives your pool a different look.

We have a wide range of semi frameless glass pool fencing that can keep your pool secure from pets and children.

We have been supplying and installing glass pool fences for a long time. A strong glass along with stainless steel parts are used in the semi frameless fence. It is more strong and durable compared to a frameless pool fence.

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When you order a pool fence from us, we will offer a complete package.  We design, build and install all the types of pool fences ourselves at your site.

We only provide a high quality work that is why all our work is guaranteed to last. We are in the supply, manufacture and installation of pool fencing since years.


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