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ASC Welding provides professional and high quality rust repair and rust removal service. After we get our rust repair job done, we will make it just like new.  Our rust repair services will save you a lot of money and time. Instead of replacement of any part or vehicle, get it repaired by ASC Welding. You won’t regret it.

The climate of Sydney allows for rust to eat the metals. If you don’t get timely repairs then that part, equipment or vehicle will get useless forever.

We offer
free consultation and advice on any rust job you have for us. We will let you know whether your equipment, structure or vehicle is in a repairable condition or it needs replacement. In both the cases we can help. Our skilled team can repair and fabricate a new metal where ever required.

Mobile Rust Repair Sydney

When you call ASC Welding to get your job done, we can do it in our workshop or we can come to your site. We provide Mobile and Onsite rust repair services that are the best in the market.

Our mobile vans are fully equipped with all the relevant tools and parts needed to get your rust job fixed. Our qualified and trained staff will be there to assist you in any rust repair or fabrication job, no matter what the size we have all the tools in our mobile van to get it done.


If you need an emergency job done like stopping a leak in your roof or tank, you need not worry. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can call us anytime and we will be there at your site in no time and get your job done.

Car and Heavy Vehicle Rust Repair Sydney

The climate of Sydney makes our cars rust to a point that there are holes in the body. If you don’t get your car or heavy vehicle fixed on time then it could be dangerous for you. It could cause an accident while driving and risk yours and other lives.

Call ASC Welding today and we will check your vehicle for repairs. We can repair all chassis and parts of your vehicle. We can work on site at your vehicle and provide you affordable rates. We do custom repair and custom installation jobs also on your car according to your design and requirements.


Our Car Rust Repair will convert your old vehicle into a new one. Our repair work will be durable and will last a life time. 

Rust Repair Cost

The cost of a rust repair job really depends on the scope of work. We look for the strength of the metal, whether it can be repaired or does it need a new fabrication weld to fix it. Our prices are very reasonable and competitive in Sydney. We can get your job done in the best price possible without compromising on quality.


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